About the NSPCC
The NSPCC / Childline is the UK's leading children's charity, and has been looking out for children for over 130 years.
The Project
Produce a docu-style short film following Game of Thrones star and NSPCC ambassador Natalie Dormer; sitting in on a nightshift at Childline HQ.
The Challenge
• Capturing Natalie's intense emotions throughout the night—via regular interviews; subtle interaction shots; and office b-roll—while also adhering to strict child safeguarding measures.
• First edits delivered within a week of principle photography.
The Result
Views: 1,068,918
Likes/shares: 12,458
The NSPCC was able to release a touching, intimate and valuable film; emphasising the invaluable contribution of their volunteers, and highlighting the need for donations.
Multiple cuts ensured they could re-post and re-engage across social platforms throughout 2019.
Directed & Produced: Andy Abrahams
Camera & Editing: Olly Newport
Starring: Natalie Dormer
Client: NSPCC / Childline
Skills: Camera, lighting, sound, editing, graphics, captions
Platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Client Website
Deliverables: 3 minute, 90 second, 60 second cuts
Formats: 4K, 1080p, 16x9, 1x1

90s version

60s version

FT campaign in Piccadilly Circus

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