The Film
"I'm not interested, it's not important." For Simon, this simple phrase became a mantra against the intrusive thoughts OCD provoked. Aiming to promote understanding and reduce stigma, this film shares Simon's journey—the challenges, triumphs, and how it unexpectedly intersects with his passions. 
For support and resources on OCD, visit Mind's website.
About Mind
Mind is a leading mental health charity in England and Wales that provides vital support, information, and advocacy for individuals experiencing mental health problems. 
Producer & interviewer: Amy Wing
Camera operator, video editor & colour grade: Olly Newport
Client: Mind
Platforms: YouTube, Mind website
Formats: 4K, 16:9 optimised for the web
Skills: Videography, Video Editing, Colour Grading, Documentary Filmmaking, Safety on Active Railways, Mental Health Awareness, DaVinci Resolve

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