About the NSPCC
The NSPCC / Childline is the UK's leading children's charity, and has been looking out for children for over 130 years.
The Project
Highlight the important stories of the dedicated runners fundraising in the 2019 London Marathon: why the NSPCC's cause is important to them, and the mammoth 26.2 mile journey across the capital. 
The Challenge
• Capturing footage that embodies the exhilaration, energy, and exhaustion of running the London Marathon (no small task and is almost as much work as running the marathon itself!)
• Quickly identify, frame up and film a selection of specific runners (out of 40,000) to be interviewed later in the day.
• Safely move equipment through hundreds of thousands of spectators, across London.
Director, Camera & Editing: Olly Newport
Assistant: Sam Caplat
Stills Photography: Paul Clarke & Dave Bird
Skills: Direction, camera, gimbal, sound, editing, motion graphics, colour grading, stamina!
Platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Mailing List, Instagram
Deliverables: 3 minute highlights doc, 45 & 30 second cuts
Formats: 1080p, 16x9, 1x1

'Join Us In 2020' cut

45 second cut

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