About the Author
Dave Coplin is a public speaker & author of the books ‘Rise of the Humans’ and ‘Business Reimagined: Why Work Isn’t Working and What You Can Do about It’. For over 25 years he has provided strategic advice and guidance to help organisations and individuals envisage the potential of technology.
The Project
Introduce Dave Coplin’s new stage show ‘The Rise of the Humans’ in a docu-style promotional video for use across social media.
The Challenge
• Boiling the essential themes and personality of Dave’s show into a short, punchy, informative marketing tool.
• Visualising the abstract—how technology affects us all in our day-to-day lives.
• Smoothly capture a multitude of highly technical shots featuring Dave riding a Segway Loomo Robot: a 30 second gimbal track along the Southbank; a 1km distance super-zoom between Waterloo and Blackfriars Bridge.
Director & Producer: Paul Clarke
Camera & Edit: Olly Newport
Presented: Dave Coplin
Skills: Camera, gimbal, sound, editing, motion graphics
Platforms: YouTube
Deliverables: 2 minute promo, 90s stage show highlights
Formats: 1080p, 16x9

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