About the UK Civil Service
Employing almost half a million people, the Civil Service ensures governments of the day can deliver public policy with: integrity, honesty, objectivity, and impartiality.
The Project
'A Great Place to Work' showcases the diverse voices within our 'Brilliant Civil Service', united by a common purpose: to deliver incredible public services across the UK.
From the DWP to the MOD, we talk to a dozen individuals excelling in their field.
Premiered on the big screen as an energising introduction to Civil Service Live 2019.
The Challenge
• Coherently weave multiple interviews of each contributors Civil Service career journey into a inspiring 3 minute mini-doc.
• The film should convey the four 'thematic pillars' of the Civil Service: improved outcomes, effective leaders, skilled people, a great place to work.
Director & Producer: Paul Clarke
Camera & Editing: Olly Newport
Client: Paul Clarke / Cabinet Office
Skills: Camera, lighting, sound, editing, graphics, captions
Platforms: Premiered at Civil Service Live 2019
Formats: 4K, 1080p, 16x9, 1x1

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